Brandon E Simmons

Words . Music . Paintings

Brandon E Simmons has a degree in Corporate Communication. He did not go to school for writing, or music, or art. Nevertheless, he has tried his hand at all three; authoring a book, producing an album, and creating paintings.His words have been shared in 'The Dahliana'. The book can be downloaded or purchased through music is released as Hidden Murals and can be streamed on all major music platforms. Merch can be purchased at paintings are shown here (there are several more as well). All originals currently available are 24" x 36". Please send a contact below if you may be interested in purchasing an original or archival copy.If you would like to help support Brandon in his life and works, you may place a donation through PayPal via the following link: PayPal.Me/hiddenmurals. All gifts will be highly valued and used responsibly.